Ductile Iron Wafer Butterfly Valve - PTFE Liner

Ductile Iron Wafer Butterfly Valve - PTFE Liner


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Key Features
  • Wafer Pattern Butterfly Valve
  • Ductile Iron Epoxy Coated body
  • Stainless Steel Disc
  • Wafer Pattern
  • Liner: PTFE
  • Lever or Gearbox operator
  • Sizes 1 1/2" to 12"
  • To fit between PN6/10/16, ANSI 150, Table D & Table E flanges


Ductile Iron Wafer Butterfly Valve - PTFE Liner

A reliable maintenance free ductile iron wafer butterfly valve with PTFE liner that fits between many flanges including PN6, PN10, PN16, ANSI150 and table D and E. It is suitable for a range of general purpose, industrial and chemical industries with applications in water process, distribution and treatment, heating (HVAC), agricultural and media including compressed air, gas, oils and hydrocarbons.

PN16 rated up to 16” and PN10 above. Easy to fit, the butterfly valve features an epoxy coated ductile Iron body with Stainless Steel disc and shaft.

Options are offered for both notched lever handle with locking facility or handwheel operated gearbox.

Complies with 97/23/CE (PED) Directive CE 1115

A reliable butterfly valve featuring an epoxy coated Ductile Iron body, Stainless Steel disc, ISO mounting top for actuation and PTFE liner.

VOLT butterfly valves are maintenance free, economical and having an ISO mounting top, makes actuation easy with various options which include: limit switchboxes, gearboxes, stem extensions and electric or pneumatic automation to meet all your process needs.

Always use chemical resistance charts to select compatible media/liner recommendations.

Key features:

  • Wafer Pattern
  • Lever or Gearbox operator
  • Sizes: 1 1/2" to 12"
  • Liner: PTFE
  • Temperature range: -10°C to 120°C (PTFE liner)
  • Pressure rating: PN16 up to 12"
  • Suitable to fit between PN6/10/16, ANSI 150, Table D and Table E flanges

For higher temperature butterfly valves view our double and triple offset range 

For Drinking water approved see type BF4686

Actuated Butterfly Valves

A range of VOLT PN16 Ductile Iron Butterfly Valves are available on request, subject to your requirements and specifications. Why not discuss your project or application further with a member of our technical team...

Call 01822 855600, 0161 480 5700 or contact us via our online form.


 Ductile Iron Wafer Butterfly Valve Datasheet

Technical Attributes

Design Wafer
Flange Accommodation PN6, PN10, PN16, ANSI 150, Table D, Table E
Body Material Ductile Iron
Size 1 1/2" (DN40), 2" (DN50), 2 1/2" (DN65), 3" (DN80), 4" (DN100), 5" (DN125), 6" (DN150), 8" (DN200), 10" (DN250), 12" (DN300)
Disc Material Stainless Steel
Liner PTFE
Industry / Approvals HVAC
Manufacturer VOLT
Main Features
  • PTFE Liner
  • 1 1/2" to 12"
  • Fits between PN6/10/16, ANSI 150, Table D & Table E Flanges